Stitching Structure

Hello friends,

Like so many others, last year I felt like I was a bit rudderless. Having my daily dot embroidery project was a big help in many ways.

This year I am not doing daily embroidery (although I do have a daily temperature logging project, which I am reaaaally behind with!) but the three stitchalongs I have hosted so far have been really great for creating a structure.

At the beginning of the year I kept putting 'make a plan for the year' on my to-do list but I never got round to it. But then I did the first stitchalong on a whim and I enjoyed it so I decided to do more of them.

And not only did I enjoy the stitchalongs, they also gave me the structure I wanted (needed) for the year. I know that a stitchalong will start on a certain date so I will need to design some patterns and draw those patterns on the computer so they make sense to others besides myself.

So even if I feel like I'm flailing or have no inspiration, I have to turn up, put my behind in the seat and do some work. That is really helpful for getting some work done. ;-)

When the stitchalong starts (ideally) I finish stitching a pattern each week during the -along. Although I do make a point of telling the stitchalong participants that they do not have to finish stitching the patterns in that month. But for me it is good to have a deadline! Even if I don't completely stick to it. :-)

If you missed out on the August Mandala Stitchalong, the patterns are available individually in my Payhip shop. Also available as a set of four. I loved stitching these. :-)

I will host another stitchalong in November so I am already sketching some ideas for that. I know that it will be mandalas again. Possibly with a wintery theme. Because winter is coming. :-D

I hope you have a nice weekend.

x Carina

Some Things I Enjoyed This Week

Going to bed. This past week and a half we’ve had people here putting new roof on our conservatory (yay! no more leaks!) but as an introvert that extra…I dunno, use of energy it requires when there are strangers in the house 8-9 hours a day has been pretty draining. Not to mention the stress of the dang project all of a sudden costing £3K more than planned. Oh boy. So I have really enjoyed going to bed early and reading for a bit.

I have mostly been reading The Art of Noticing: Rediscover What Really Matters to You* by Rob Walker. It’s the kind of book you can dip into at random or read from start to finish. I have been enjoying the prompts and ideas for noticing things.

I am still very much enjoying the sketching course I am doing at the moment, although I’ve not had much time or energy to actually do any sketching. But it is giving me ideas for how I can make sketching more of a habit and I’m planning a sketching adventure for next week. If the weather stays dry of course. :-)

* affiliate link.

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