A Favourite Thing

In which I mention the word scissors a lot

I try to do some embroidery every day. If the last year has taught me anything, it is how much that simple act of needle and thread through fabric helps me stay on an even keel*. At the start of last year I had set myself the goal to do some stitching every single day, which I did(!) and it really helped to stop me from constantly worrying (to the point of curling up in a ball) about the pandemic etc.

Anyway, that wasn’t actually what I wanted to tell you about. I wanted to recommend a pair of scissors. :-D

Since I embroider every day (mostly), good embroidery scissors are really important. I have a lot of them. It may be an occupational hazard. “If you do embroidery, you may start accumulating embroidery scissors!”

My favourite ones are the Prym Professional Embroidery Scissors. By the way, this is not a sponsored message! I genuinely love these scissors. They are light weight, they have a very sharp point (very important) and just the right size. They are great for embroidery, but I also find them excellent for needle turn appliqué. Because they have such a fine point, they are great for turning under the fabric.

I love these scissors so much I actually own three pairs! Because I like to keep a pair of scissors with my projects, I need more than one pair of scissors. I even gave my mum a pair.

So, that’s a recommendation for you if you’re looking for a good pair of embroidery scissors. :-)

Happy stitching!

xo Carina

*Fun fact, carina is actually the Latin word for keel. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, you will have seen the Keel in the night sky (whether you knew it or not), as part of the larger constellation of Argo Navis. I hope one day I get to see “my” constellation! :-D

Things I Enjoyed This Week

The Vikings* by Else Roesdahl. This encyclopedic study brings together the latest research on Viking art, burial customs, class divisions, jewellery, kingship, poetry and family life. I don’t think I can claim Viking ancestry as such (but who knows) but it is part of my native country’s history so it’s interesting for me to read about. We did learn about the Vikings in school but that was like 30 years ago and was probably pretty limited. I seem to recall that we made Viking ships by sticking ‘sails’ in bananas! Anyway, I’m enjoying this book. :-)

The tulips are flowering in our garden. I look forward to this every year. Dots of pretty colours brightening up the garden.

A few people bought my Oblique Mandala embroidery pattern and that made me so happy. I loved stitching that pattern and I hope they do too.

*Affiliate link to bookshop.org