Keep Moving

...and stitching

Hello friends,

Earlier this week it felt like spring had sprung, with a string of summery temperatures, 20-24-21 degrees Celsius. But on Monday we could get snow! Crazy weather.

And doesn’t exactly make it easy to decide what to wear for our walks with Blake. Who really has helped keep us sane this past year. Obviously, he provides dog-cuteness which is good for the soul but having a dog also means we have to get outside for walks. Fresh air does you good, of course, both mentally and physically. Especially since most types of exercise have been limited. At least going to the gym, which we were doing on a regular-ish basis in the Before Times.

Although I'll happily admit I've never *loved* going to the gym. Maybe other people find it...I I don't, but you gotta keep those muscles muscle-ing and that cardio cardio-ing, right?

Recently, I stumbled upon a chap on YouTube who does these walking exercises. I have started doing one of them most days, just to get an extra 2K steps done. Even with Blake's walks I don't always move about enough so it's nice to have something that feels fairly easy*, doesn't require lots of room or half a gym's worth of exercise equipment!

(*I can't do things like Zumba because I am really uncoordinated. You don't want to see my attempts at a star jump!)

And if I do one of those exercises first thing in the morning, I feel like at least I did that, regardless of what else I get done (or not done) the rest of the day.

So anyway, if you're looking for something to get you moving or moving more, maybe it's something for you too. :-)

My current (well, one of them) embroidery project. I love the effect of chain stitch when it is used as a fill stitch. :-)

What have you been stitching lately?

Hope you have a good weekend.

x Carina

Some Things I Enjoyed This Week

I have started reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January* by Alix E. Harrow. And it is GOOD. I kinda want to just spend a whole day finishing it but I also want it to last. You know what I mean? The language is beautiful and I find myself having kind of synaesthetic reactions to it and that is not a bad thing. :-) Have you read it?

The blip of yellow and light orange in my 2021 temperatures embroidery. I’ll be glad when we can properly move away from the blue colours and colder temperatures. You can get a free template for this project via my blog if you want to make something similar.

The album Kiss And Hug From A Happy Boy by Danish musician Lars H.U.G. It came out in 1996 which makes me feel kinda old, but it also reminds me of a particular time in my life and, well, that’s worth the feeling of age. ;-)

* affiliate link