Love The Library

...and a new free pattern

Hello friends,

Yesterday I went to the library to pick up some books. Later it turned out that there were more books waiting for me, so I went back. That’s two visits to the library in one day and three in a week! I love the library. And I love that there is a library five minutes walk from our house.

I have always loved the library. As soon as I was old enough to bike to the library on my own I would spend ages looking through the shelves. It was not a random occurrence for the librarians to find me sitting on the floor with a bunch of books next to me on the floor. They would also have to remind me that the library was closing!

Those librarians were awesome. They would recommend books to me. Sometimes even put new books aside that they thought I might like. Isn’t that wonderful?

That local library was also the school library, located in the school. When I was 15 my teacher asked me if I would be interested in a job in the library, putting returned books back on the shelves. YES! Imagine this: I was a book lover with MY OWN KEY to the library! Best job ever. :-)

Libraries are the best. Use your local library, support it. Thank the librarians. :-)

I think I have mentioned my current poppy obsession? Once? Or twice? :-)

It was bound to spill into my work, so without further ado: the free Poppy Wreath embroidery pattern (or pay what you want).

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

x Carina

Some Things I Enjoyed This Week

I bought a bouquet of peonies on Sunday. It is my favourite flower. And because the peony season is so brief, I appreciate them all the more. :-)

Going for walks with my sketchbook.

Buying fabrics simply because they are beautiful.

The new vegan KitKat! I became vegan almost ten years ago and I never imagined I’d ever eat a KitKat again. It’s not quite how I remember it, but it’s close enough! :-D