Oblique Embroidery

Hello friends,

Sometimes I feel like I haven’t got a single idea to embroider, which is really frustrating as you can probably imagine. At other times I almost have too many ideas, and not enough time to stitch them all. Currently, I am in a lots-of-ideas period and I’m trying to not get frustrated that I can’t embroider everything and enjoy the things I am stitching.

I finished another pattern embroidery last week so that pattern is available now. It is actually a mandala design but you might not think so when looking at it.

I got the idea to stitch it like this when I was tracing the pattern to fabric. I had traced part of it, kind of the shape I have stitched in yellow and thought that looked interesting. So I decided I’d embroider it like that. I enjoyed that a lot! Once I had decided on my three colours and the shape of each section, I could just enjoy the stitching without having to make micro decisions like “should this flower have pink petals or purple?” Embroidery should be relaxing! I think it’s not the last time I do an embroidery like this.

But for anyone who prefers a more ‘regular’ mandala version, I have also included a suggestion for that in the pattern.

Buy the Oblique Mandala pattern is available in my Payhip shop with 20% off through this weekend, use the code OBLIQUE. The discount is valid until Monday, March 29th.

I hope you find time for some relaxing embroidery, or other enjoyable activity, this weekend. I think if this past year has taught me anything it is to really take pleasure in the things I enjoy. Even if it’s just a small thing. A perfect slice of toast, music I didn’t expect to like, a robin singing in a tree.

Happy stitching!

xo Carina

Things I Enjoyed This Week

We have been watching Kim’s Convenience (on Netflix). About a family who owns a convenience store in Toronto.

I have read The Sewing Machine* by Natalie Fergie every year since it was published. It’s just a feel good book with (mostly) nice characters. I think it’s almost time to read it again. :-)

I actually don’t enjoy tea, but since I live in the UK where it is consumed by the bucket load by a large percentage of the population, it made me chuckle that there is an ISO standardized method for brewing tea! :-D

*bookshop.org affiliate link