Slow Stitching Kit


Hello friends,

Summer has arrived and I have enjoyed sitting in the garden with my stitching projects this past week and a bit. The warm nights have been less enjoyable but I guess you can’t have one without the other..!

Some of my stitching has been raw edge appliqué projects which I love. Slow stitching using up pretty bits of fabric to create flowers and other lovely things.

For a while I have been thinking about making kits for slow stitching projects and now I’m going to try it!

The first kit is to make a magnolia flower like this one (I love magnolia flowers!). There will only be 8 kits available. I am finishing the pattern and instructions early next week and the kits will be ready to ship by June 21st.

Order your Magnolia kit here.

You don’t need to know a whole bunch of stitches to make this kind of project. The stitches I use the most are running stitch, seed stitch and back stitch. Perhaps with some cross stitches or French knots sprinkled here and there.

The lovely thing about a slow stitching project is that it is supposed to be a bit wonky, with some frayed edges. Perfection is not a priority. Atleast not to me! :-) Enjoying some quiet time with needle thread is the main priority, and of course a pretty finished project with lots of character.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. :-)

Happy stitching!

x Carina

Some Things I Enjoyed This Week

The Costero album by Slow Meadow. Beautiful……

I frequently have my breakfast while watching YouTube videos about sketching. I can highly recommend that! Not necessarily sketching, but starting the day by watching something that you find inspiring. Knitting, stamp collecting, baking… I find that it helps me to remember to do that activity when it’s one of the first things I ‘engage’ with.

Blitzing through my email inbox isn’t exactly enjoyable most of the time, but I have found a trick that does make it a bit more enjoyable to go through my emails: if I want to listen to my current favourite song/album I have to be sorting through the emails at the same time. It’s been working pretty well! :-)