Spring Will Come


This is a new pattern, Spring Will Come. I am really enjoying stitching on linen lately. Although this particular linen isn’t meant for embroidery and it is a bit rough. Some stitches, especially satin stitch, can look a bit uneven. But it’s fine. It probably looks worse to me than to anyone else. :-)

The Spring Will Come pattern is available in my Payhip shop. Take 15% off the pattern until March 16th with the code SPRING.

Embroidery tip videos

I used the pattern in my latest embroidery tip video on Instagram. I share how I transfer/trace a pattern to fabric. It’s not rocket science of course but hopefully it’s helpful. I have another video about French knots.

I will be adding more videos, despite being very weirded out by the sound of my own voice! :-D So if you have any embroidery questions, do leave a comment or feel free to send me an email and I’ll try and answer some in future videos.

Happy stitching!

x Carina

Things I Enjoyed This Week

Rain falling through the oculus of Pantheon in Rome. I love Rome, I’ve been there a few times, but I’ve never experienced this. It looks magical.

I have just started reading The Midnight Library* by Matt Haig. I’m liking it so far. Have you read it?

If you need inspiration to clear some clutter, check out the Diane in Denmark YouTube channel. She makes tidying seem like a breeze! But the main reason I follow her is that she’s Scottish (I love Scotland!) and she lives in Copenhagen, so it’s a combination of two of my favourite places in one person as it were. :-) And she’s just really cheerful and sometimes that’s what you need to watch!

*bookshop.org affiliate link