Stitch Birds & Blooms with Me


Hello friends,

The tulips are appearing in our garden and it is delightful, all those pops of colour. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers. I would love to one day go to the Netherlands and see the tulips fields. That would be wonderful. :-)

Speaking of flowers, in May I am hosting a stitchalong called Birds & Blooms. As you can imagine, the patterns are all about birds and flowers! It is a no-pressure stitchalong, you don’t have to finish the patterns in May. You don’t even have to start the patterns in May, save them for dark winter days if you like. :-)

Sign up for the stitchalong here.

It is just £6.00 until May 7th (when the price goes up to £10.00.) For those £6 you get four patterns plus a bunch of extras. It is a good deal, if I do say so myself!

This is a little sneak peek at two of the patterns. The flowers are in a vase or pitcher of some kind and then the birds sit on the handles of those vases etc and look all cute. The patterns are a little bit different from my ‘usual’ style. But it’s good to try something new from time to time.

I am really looking forward to stitching them. The patterns will have ideas for colours and stitches to use but since I am stitching them in ‘real time’ along with everyone else, my ideas for how I might stitch each one may change. So I hope that everyone taking part will enjoy adding their own stitch and colours ideas.

I hope you will join me! ♥ Here is that sign up link again: Birds & Blooms Stitchalong.

Have a lovely weekend!

x Carina

Some Things I Enjoyed This Week

Hanging the washing outside to dry. Makes doing the laundry feel like slightly less of a boring chore when you take it back in and it smells like wind and sunshine. It’s the simple things!

My parents sent us a care package a few weeks ago, and this week I have munched on some of the salty liquorice they sent. Salty liquorice is not a common thing in the UK so it is a real treat.

I have started reading The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York*. I visited NYC three years ago and I have become a bit obsessed with reading books about the city. This particular book is interesting and very well written. But it is a brick of over 1100 pages! It’s a bit overwhelming, I hope I can actually manage to finish it. :-)

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