Stitch Mandalas with Me

A stitchalong with no pressure!

Hello friends,

It is almost August and that means it is almost time for the August Mandala Stitchalong! I hope you will join me!

During the stitchalong you will receive four mandala style embroidery patterns plus a bunch of extras based on/inspired by the main pattern. The patterns become available every Tuesday in August (except for August 31st).

Sign up here for the August Mandala Stitchalong.

It is a low-key stitchalong, meaning that there is absolutely no pressure to finish any of the patterns. Unless you want to, of course! If you only have time to finish one, that is great. If you have time for half an hour of stitching each week, that’s great too. And if you want to save the patterns for some cosy stitching in front of the fire in December I will certainly not stand in your way! :-D

If you think you spot a poppy you are absolutely right! :-) I may have started on one of the mandalas already (I’m excited about stitching mandalas again!)…maybe I need to tell Tony to hide them until August! :-D

I hope you have a nice weekend. x Carina

PS If you like a collection of random links, I post just that on my blog most Fridays, creatively named ‘Friday Links’. :-)

Some Things I Enjoyed This Week

The Hand Me Down album by Kate Rusby. It is a collection of cover songs. I came across this album completely at random and it turns out it includes covers of a few of my favourite songs. Win!

I’m currently reading Dressed: The Secret Life of Clothes by Shahidha Bari. The book is interesting and her writing is beautiful, I can highly recommend it. :-)

The Shadow Wing, the sixth book in the Crow Investigations series by Sarah Painter, has just been released and I am excited to read it. If you like urban fantasy I think you’ll like this series!