This Made Me Smile

Share what you make 😊

Hello friends,

One of the best things about my job is when someone tags me or emails me to share an embroidery they made from one of my patterns. And this week I received one of those emails and it just put a huge smile on my face.

Isn’t it lovely? Jana, who stitched this, made such a wonderful version of one of the patterns from the Birds & Blooms stitchalong*. I actually think it’s nicer than my version! :-D

I love the combination of black outline on the cup and bird, contrasted with the filled in flowers. Just lovely!

And check out the whole cushion, aren’t the fabrics great? I think they really frame the embroidery in the best way. :-)

If you have stitched any of my patterns, please tag me (@carinacraftblog) if you share on Instagram, or feel free to email me a picture. I LOVE seeing what my patterns get up to!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

x Carina

*The patterns from the Birds & Blooms stitchalong are available here.

Some Things I Liked This Week

Poppies. Yes. Still obsessed with poppies. When I walk Blake the dog I make mental notes of the locations of particularly stunning examples so I can go back and collect the seed pods. :-)

I went for a walk with my sketchbook yesterday. There is a travelling fun fair currently in the field behind our house, so I wanted to record some of that in my sketchbook. I spent a lovely hour in the dappled light of a tree sketching a Dumbo ride.

I have started listening to the audio book version of a Danish book (about the first Queen Margrete of Denmark) and it is really lovely listening to something in my native language. Sure, I often listen to Danish radio but there is just something about listening to wonderful crafted language… Especially as I sometimes feel like I am losing some of my fluency in Danish. So I think I may make an effort to find more Danish audio books to listen to in future. :-)